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What our Clients and Candidates have said

We are always delighted when our clients and candidates are happy to share their experiences with a professional testimonial.  Here is a small selection:-

I am super delighted to write a testimonial for Killian. From the very first interaction that I had with him I knew that I am talking to someone who clearly understand my position, the experience that I have and what I will be looking for. What impressed me the most was his thorough understanding of the industry that I am in and also where my level of skills and experience can be best utilized. His deep knowledge about the employer he was recruiting for was highly commendable as this allowed me to answer most of the questions I had in mind before preparing myself for the interview. His priority and personal interest to ensure that I should get what I am looking for was highly commendable. Furthermore, he has excellent negotiation skills that as a candidate was quite important for me. He was always more than happy to answer any questions I had and I felt at all times that he really cared about my future and success. I would certainly recommend Killian as with him one would get not only the professional services as a recruiter but also a person with passion of being a real personal advisor.

Farhan Ahmed
Real Estate Director


I have dealt with Killian Glendon at PJS on various HR-related matters and have found him extremely professional and striving to ensure his clients are completely satisfied.
Killian is very well connected in the industry globally, and is acutely aware of opportunities and market developments. He is very dynamic and tenacious.
I would have no problem recommending Killian for any sort of HR assignments.

Bruno Doutrelepont
CEO – Even Keel Group


One of the most difficult decisions I had to make was switching my current position for a new career. When I was first contacted by Killian, I wasn’t looking for a new challenge, but Killian was the partner who really made me see my potential: his professional and friendly attitude and knowledge of the business and the new company made me really consider the opportunity.
One of the many things I appreciated during the process is Killian’s understanding of the industry and knowledge of the company and staff across different levels. I could ask any questions and he would provide me with information and advice almost immediately. I am impressed by how great a communicator Killian is; I also very much appreciated his regular contact, advice and follow-up during each step of the way, and liaison with the company which made the whole thing feel easy.
Killian was very motivating throughout the process and always showed great interest. His knowledge of the financial service industry makes him a great matchmaker, and his ability to see someone’s potential is amazing. I really appreciate his negotiating skills and presenting the best for both me and my employer.
I deeply recommend Killian to anybody looking for a professional recruiter who will always make you feel special.
Thank you, Killian, for making it happen!

Ian Charoub
Director Aztec Sweden


Killian and his team at PJS supported Credit Suisse Private Banking in Gibraltar during a period of growth and restructuring. Through careful understanding of the needs of our business, he was able to present candidates who would be an ideal fit in a team of highly skilled professionals across all disciplines. Killian could be relied upon to tackle the toughest of hiring challenges and always operated with discretion and professionalism which meant the best candidates, often those not looking for new opportunities, were willing to work with him. As Head of HR, I was confident that he would represent myself and the business appropriately, and he became a valued partner to us in the seven years we worked together. During this time he also undertook a number of strategic resourcing projects and headhunting assignments.

Sarah Gomersall
HR Manager


The first thing I want to say about Killian is that he is not like any other headhunters I have discussed with. Since the first call I had with Killian, I was immediately impressed by his ability to quickly detect that the person he is speaking with is the right person for the job and his ability to see beyond the CV. It’s not just about finding a job but it’s about finding the RIGHT job for YOU and since the beginning I felt that I was not a candidate or CV among others, I felt that I was the right person for this job and that this job was the perfect one for me. I have to say that all along the process, Killian was always present. For this job I had many interviews, and before each one of them, Killian contacted me to see if I was ready and prepared and if I had any questions, and same thing after each interview. I was always in touch with Killian, he was available and showed such a great professionalism and support, this allowed me to be more relax and confident at each interview I had and all of them went very well. In fact, Killian is just very good in his domain.



It has been a great pleasure to work with such a highly professional and discrete headhunter as Killian in identifying and pursuing a new career opportunity in Luxembourg. Killian secured the best deal by carefully matching my CV to client profiles and vacancies. His intrinsic knowledge of the corporate culture and direct access to senior management of the client made me feel comfortable with the new career challenge.

Dr. Sebastian Bos, Ph.D, CA


I would like to thank Killian for his advice on my career strategy and CV presentation. His advice is based on wisdom, market knowledge and intense insights from both side of the table. His goal is to find the right candidate for the right company and really do care about his clients – also after a successful placement. He is an inspiring person and does his job as well as he possibly can, with passion and conviction.



Several weeks ago I was contacted by Mr. Killian Glendon to have an initial conversation in relation to the post of Chief Risk Officer for an Asset Management Company. I was very pleased with the approach he took to understand my needs and intentions of what I was looking for. He kindly explained to me at a high level all about the position. After a couple of days, he called me back to inform me about an interview with the CEO in which to introduce myself and my interest to come and work for the company. Afterwards, I had several interviews with other personnel to present myself and my work. At the end of all interviews, I was very impressed that Mr. Glendon kept me in the front lines of communication during the whole recruitment process. I am therefore very satisfied with all the support and advice he gave me to get such an important role within the company and boost my career expectations in the correct way. I can tell you that his commitment, enthusiasm and execution was done with 100% satisfaction.

Helios Padilla-Mayer
Fuchs Asset Management


Killian approached me whilst I was working as a Relationship Manager with ABN AMRO in Gibraltar. He called me to make an appointment where he explained me that Credit Suisse Gibraltar was looking for a person with my profile to strengthen their team.
Although Killian of course sold me the offering it didn’t feel like he was pushing at all, and that was very important to me as it was a big step in my career. I was relatively happy with my position at ABN AMRO but decided, setting aside my initial reluctance, to join Credit Suisse after having had very pleasant meetings at my new employer. Those meetings were organized by Killian and what was very positive is that he assisted to guide me through the process. He also touched base afterwards many times to see how I was doing and I ended up working with Credit Suisse for over 11 years.
I have got to know Killian as a reliable person, and a very pleasant person to work with. I introduced Killian even to friends who were working in the financial sector in Holland and Luxembourg.
I can therefore fully recommend him and his services.

Mark Hartman


In business, I have always considered head-hunters as a kind of tax to pay. My idea of their job was: Look, here we have a company looking for, say, a finance manager and here we have a CV from a finance manager. Cool, let’s make them talk and if things go right we will invoice our fees! I thought they didn’t spend more than a few minutes reviewing the CVs before they start to introduce the candidates to the companies, if they only matched a couple of requirements for the position in broad terms. And unfortunately, this view has been also confirmed recently when I was invited for interview and discovered they were looking for someone totally different from me. The head-hunters concerned didn’t give me many details on the position – and I believe they did not give many details of me to the companies either. What a service, really!
Well, my view now changed because I met Killian.
Of course, at the time of his first call, I said myself: Here we go, another one! But days passed, and I realised more and more that this guy was giving me a different service – or I’d better say, he was actually giving me a service.
First of all, I never had to tell him the story of my life, as I did with all other head-hunters. Why? Because he studied my CV! And he understood it, and as a result there was no need to discuss it. He tried to gather from me all the information that is not in the CV, tried to understand my personality, attitude, behaviour. And he created a strong relationship with me, based on them.
Second, I never felt abandoned: I never had an unanswered question; he was there when I needed to communicate, 24/7, always. He has been bombarded with questions from me (stupid sometimes questions). It did not matter, he never complained and sometimes he even anticipated the questions I had to ask. And when I went for the interview with his client, I was really 100% ready because he prepared me properly and, I don’t know how it was, but I felt like I had already the job in my hands.
Third, when things went well with the client, he really worked to get me a better offer. He worked as a real personal advisor; I felt really like he was my head-hunter, working exclusively for me – and this was fantastic.
And finally, he likes limoncello!
Well, for sure, if I ever need a head-hunter, I will dial his number!

Alberto Fasanotti